vrijdag 8 januari 2016

Card for a good cause

Today I made a card for a boy with a story.
Garrett Brown will celebrate his 16th birthday on February 29, and he likes to receive a lot of cards.
You can read all about it on this FB page, but let me quote a liitle piece of that page:

Garrett will be 16 on February 29th. He read an article about a girl whose wish was to receive Christmas cards. He always wonders why he never gets any mail. So I think it would awesome for him to check the mailbox this time and get a bunch of birthday cards :) He is blind, but we will read to him every card he receives!

 Some know that Garrett was attacked by a dog in Jan. 2002. He was left with severe facial scarring, no eyelids, muscle, tissue or tear glands in either eye. He is only able to see lights and shadows. He has since had 15 surgeries and will eventually have more. We continue to search for ways for him to possibly gain his vision back. Prayers are always welcome ♡ Thank you to everyone who has contacted me already!
Cards can be mailed to....

Garrett Brown
61 West Vineyard Rd
Hayesville, NC 28904

So I made  him this card, I hope he likes it.

I googled  "Happy Birthday" in Braille and added it as sentiment with pearlmakers, I hope he can feel it.

So if you have some time, please go to the Facebook page and send Garrett a birthday card, let's make his birthday fabulous!!

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